All Way Relay

Gregg Skloff
All Way Relay

1. All Way Relay
2. Early All Yaw

Gregg Skloff: sitar + effects
recorded August 2016, Astoria OR


As some of you likely recall, my self-released cassette editions of Go Dead Aces, Haze Rupture, & 3087 took place under the terms stated here.

I am offering the C-20 cassette edition of All Way Relay similarly, but with the following alterations:

• Digital release happens right away, concurrently with cassette release. (Check it out here!) No more waiting until the tapes are all claimed.

• This time I am encouraging, rather than simply accepting, barters for non-musical items.
I still gladly welcome tapes, but that's not all.
I don't want this to carry too much of the strictly-for-my-fellow-soundmakers air.
EVEN IF the item you wish to trade is a unit of paper currency, that would be OK. So, this cassette is at least potentially for "sale," not just "trade." So be it.

HOWEVER: Please get in touch with me first about whatever it is you have in mind to offer as a trade (either email g[at]greggskloff[dot]com or get at me on twitter), just so we both feel good about this & know what we're in for.

With sincere thanks,


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