(still from a video by Sofie Kline)

audio by Gregg Skloff
taxonomy of releases available here
guide/introduction (in the form of a top-10 list) available here


One More Vortex December 2018


Drawn/Notion August 2018


Skullwood Scores May 2018


Pro Vision Leisure February 2018


Artifact Cache January 2018


Fabled Quiddity November 2017


Noted Within (4JM) September 2017


Withstanders League August 2017


Candle Come True July 2017


Banderole of Yore June 2017


Thousand Minus One E.P. April 2017


República de la Concha January/February 2017


All Way Relay August/September 2016


Drone Day 2016 May 2016


Quinquagenary (Live at Sou'wester) April 2016


Strands Cross April 2016


Go Dead Aces January 2016


Zeros Fill The Page December 2015


Necarney City Lights November 2015


Haze Rupture June-September 2015


Unsettlement Cell 7L June 2015


bodily colony May 2015
(out of print)


3087 March 2015


Absolute Negative Latitude January 2015


Unlimited Inferno Raga December 2014


The Glacial Enclosure November 2014


Blank Perennial Requiem Mass August 2014


This Time The Ride Belongs To Us April 2014


Sous-espace (Ova Sus) March 2014


Überbau (As Seen From Surtur) March 2014


Tether Thin December 2013


The eye is the egg November 2013


Stasi Appoggiato September 2013


Shattered in a Crescendo of Destruction during the Cold Martian Night August 2013


Lonesome Photon February 2013


Ultraviolet Phase Transition Blues December 2012


Coursing the Circumference October 2012


Iconic Matter Arises October 2012


÷± October 2012


Who Leaves All Loaves July 2012


This Relationship Is Something Spatial March 2012


Veff (Exit Tones for 2011) December 2011


11.11.11 November 2011


disposals VIII.10.04 August 2010


$∞.99 May 2010


Still Inhabiting Ourselves April 2010


Yawning Spectra March 2010


Ever And Over February 2010


The All-Pervading Drop October 2009


Clarity of Signal August 2009


I Upon A Head Ablaze Alight: Threnody for Michael Griffen January 2008


A leaf, a flower, a fruit, and water November 2007
(3 hours of solo unplugged memorial services and devotional offerings)


Ephemorrha 2006


Tape Constructions 2005


in 307 September/October 2003


J.05-of919(08) [Bryan Rock remix] 2003/2012


of 919 September 2003


when 881 June 2003

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